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Mary Lou Retina, et. al.

I went to a Visitation Monday night. Not the most fun way to spend an evening, but it was unavoidable. And the night wasn’t totally depressing. I went with Nancy, Brian, and Cindy (Brian’s mom=cool). There was a woman/girl there who was wearing a T-shirt. It was an advertisement for a liquor store, go figure. I saw a lot of people from school, not students, but teachers. Woo.

After we left the visitation we went back to Cindy’s house and goofed off some. We left the funeral home at around 7:15 or so and stayed there until 10:00. We basically sat around and ate cheese and Ritz crackers and watched the Olympics. We also played with Lucy-dog (a dachshund). She is so fun. She’ll sit up on her hind legs and beg for human-food.

At one point we were watching the Gymnastics Women’s Floor Exercise and a Ukranian woman was up and she was just about finished with her first tumbling pass when Brian yelled “Fall down bitch!” at the TV and the fun part is: She did! Not only did she fall, but when she did, her feet went out of bounds. We all laughed so hard.

Oh yeah, about Miss Mary Lou: At one point, Cindy told a story about how her mother referred to Mary Lou Retton as Mary Lou Retina. It was also very funny. There were also mentions of “postate” exams.

And one more very interesting bit of information:

Brian’s dad flew to Pennsylvania today with two others. He almost didn’t make it. When they got to the security booth at the airport in Memphis, he went through: no problems. The second guy went through: no problems. The third guy went through: huge problems. Mike (Brian’s dad) asked the lady manning the station what was wrong and she said, “He has a handgun in his carry-on.” Mike responded, “No he doensn’t…” And the lady responded, “Yes. He does, I just saw it.” Agents came running from everywhere. They guy with the gun was immediately whisked away and Mike and the other guy were “detained” for a bit. They were interrogated as to where they were going, why they were going there, etc. The FBI agents took their Social Security cards and driver’s licenses and made copies of them. They were told that they need to leave now or they would miss their flights. Upon inquiring after the detained guy they were told, “You won’t be seeing him for a while.” Scary huh? The FBI let the guy go several hours later and he arrived in Pennsylvania at around 9:45 or so. He has been ordered to appear in court in Memphis in two weeks. I wonder what will happen to him…

Anyhoo, that’s all I’ve got for now.


Written by Jeff

Tuesday, August 24, 2004 at 1:16 am

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