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Random RSS Tidbits

After reviewing the 1800 new entries in my Bloglines account, I’ve come across these little nuggets:

Item 1: 103-year-old WWI veteran celebrates Memorial Day

A 103 year old Maryland man will be part of the parade in Washington, D.C. tomorrow. The organizers had been planning to use actors to stand in, but Lloyd Brown, b. 1901, stepped forward and kicked the actors to the curb.

I really don’t like the idea of using stand-ins for a parade honoring the sacrifice of so many. If there’s no one to ride in the World War I car, just leave it empty. It seems disrespectful to me.

Item 2: Brazil hosts huge Gay Pride march

Organizers say that nearly 2 Million showed up for the ninth annual parade. The gay, lesbian, and bisexual (there were some heteros there too) Brazilians were marching for equal rights in the forum of civil unions. A bill has been before the Brazilian Congress for 10 years and hasn’t moved at all.

The marchers also want a safer Brazil.

A homosexual is murdered here every two days – just for being homosexual.

Item 3: How NOT to hook up a router

This is a funny story about a guy’s trials with his router. It’s funny to me because this is the same sort of thing that would happen to me. Lots of angry cursing and throwing (non-breakable) things because of my own error.


Written by Jeff

Monday, May 30, 2005 at 12:14 am

The End Is Here…For Enterprise anyway

An article on E! Online made me aware of the fact that tonight is the very last episode for Paramount’s ill-fated Star Trek spinoff Enterprise.

I’ve not watched much of the four-year-old series because I just didn’t find it compelling. It didn’t hold my attention. Kind of makes me sad. There have been five Star Trek series and this is the first to flop completely.

The Original Series (TOS) was oh-so- close to cancellation but loyal fans won it a reprieve. Enterprise gets no such reprieve. Fans raised $3 Million USD and secured a Canadian production company but still couldn’t persuade Paramount to let the show live. I can understand that. Season 3 was sort of cool. When it starts with devastating attack on Earth and has the valiant crew off in search of the attackers, how can it go bad?

That season was the one that I watched most. It was the best to me. However, at the very end it was ruined. How you ask? Alien Nazis, that’s how.

Somehow, after saving Earth, they were thrown back in time to World War II and Captain Archer was captured by an alien Nazi. Can I just say WTF?!

The only redeeming parts of this final season, in my eyes, were the episodes featuring Brent Spiner as Dr. Soong, creator of genetically enhanced humans. Those were great episodes, but alas, they couldn’t even hold my attention. I watched the first two but when the third one rolled around, I was just, “meh.”

The E! Online article questions the future of the Star Trek franchise. It is worrisome to some, but true fans know that Trek will never die. Even if it takes years, there will be a new series or a new movie and where will I be? In line, that’s where.

Thinking about the series finale and the fact that Captain Riker and Counselor Troi will be making appearances, this is what I envision:

At the end of the episode, on the bridge of the Titan, Captain Riker turns to his helmsman and says “Let’s take her home”. Then they cut to an exterior view of Titan. As she moves forward, we see a tractor beam. Encased in that beam is Enterprise. Maybe they’ve just found her and she’s been lost for hundreds of years. Who knows.

That’s what I’ll be doing tonight, though, watching the series finale. I’ve not missed one yet (except for TOS, but I wasn’t even born yet, blame the parents for that one).

Peace and Long Life


Written by Jeff

Friday, May 13, 2005 at 4:34 pm

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