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Why fix the problem when we can do nothing? is reporting that the Kansas State Supreme Court could keep the Kansas school system closed for the upcoming year because the State Legislature hasn’t met their deadline for providing more money for the school system.

In 1999, parents and school administrators filed suit alleging that the state didn’t spend enough on education. The case eventually reached the Kansas Supreme Court and they ruled that the state didn’t spend enough money per student and had until July 1 to appropriate an addition $143 Million.

Instead of taking steps to rectify the situation, the Legislature spent 11 days in special session trying to change the state constitution to prohibit the Courts from intervening in this matter. A stalemate over the issue kept the legislators from actually complying with the Court’s order.

A hearing is scheduled for next Friday. Link

Question: Why is the Kansas State Legislature trying to restrict the powers of the Court instead of providing the funds that the State needs in order to provide a quality education to the children of Kansas?

Aside: We currently have a bit of a problem like this in Arkansas. We had a similar problem in the Eighties. The State Supreme Court ruled that the school financing formula was unconstitutional. Governor Clinton, instead of trying to limit the power of the Court, actually did something about it. He got the Legislature to add increase the state sales tax by one cent and in increased the severance tax on natural gas. In addition to this, his proposals for higher education standards and mandatory teacher testing.

Our current governor is trying, but still hasn’t solved the problem.

The key part of this is trying. They tried and are still trying to fix the problem instead of getting distracted by useless ventures.


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Sunday, July 3, 2005 at 12:16 am

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