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On cell phone features

Back when I had a cell phone that only had enough features to still be called a phone, I was of the mindset that the only thing that I needed it for was making phone calls.

Then I discovered that it could be used for text messaging so I started with that.

Then I figured out that my new phone had an alarm clock, so I use it for that.

Then I figured out that I could use it as a timer when I was cooking, so I use it for that.

Then I—no, no more “Then I’s…”.

I use my phone as a calculator, as a tip calculator, an alarm clock, a timer, a micro-email platform, a camera (’til I dumped the camera phone), and sometimes as a web browser.

I wonder if I only thought that a phone is “just a phone” because my older cell phones couldn’t do any of that stuff…


Written by Jeff

Thursday, February 2, 2006 at 7:05 pm

Posted in Technology

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