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Golly gee wiz! 10 reasons to buy Vista.

Yahoo!’s running a PCWorld feature about the ten reasons you should buy Windows Vista.

1. …There are literally too many changes to list here, from the bidirectional software firewall that monitors inbound and outbound traffic … There’s also full-disk encryption, which prevents thieves from accessing your data, even if they steal the PC out from under your nose.

Wow, a firewall? Ingenious! And FileVault? Life-changing.

2. Internet Explorer 7: IE gets a much-needed, Firefox-inspired makeover, complete with tabbed pages and better privacy management.

I vomited the first time I used it. Really, I did. I had to run and get a new keyboard. It was nasty. It’s a cluttered mess. And now it produces some unspecified error on startup and I have to “end process” it.

6. …There are even some nice new games tucked into the bundle.



Written by Jeff

Saturday, February 18, 2006 at 12:39 pm

Posted in Software

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