The station of choice for Chinquapin Parish.

Stopped up, etc.

EEK! A cold!

All stopped up, it’s horrible. My left ear and nostril are totally stopped up. :( My throat’s sore, too. I’m here at my desk huffing from a bottle of Mentholatum® like some sort of addict.

Sitting here, huffing away, with snow outside and nasty roads, unable to go anywhere, it’s horrible. The only saving grace is that the electricity and Internet are still functional. I’ve been listening to music and downloading from iTMS today.

Last night I bought the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain (iTMS | It’s really good, especially Emmylou Harris’ performance of “A Love That Will Never Grow Old”. I just love the shit out of it. :P

I tried to rearrange the playlists in iTunes earlier today and had problems with the Source list being too large for me to drag playlists near the bottom into folders that I’d created (that live near the top of the list). They should add a “Source Manager” or something that pops up a new window or sheet for easier management of playlists and folders.

I also did some downloading from iTMS:

Now, back to huffing…


Written by Jeff

Saturday, February 18, 2006 at 7:44 pm

Posted in Apple, General, Music

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