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Minnesota GOP needs a spanking!

The Republican party of Minnesota is sending around CDs that you put in your computer and take a survey. The problem with this survey is that the program on the compact disc sends your answers back to party HQ where they’re stored—along with your name and address.

Not only do they not tell you that they’re going to phone home, they keep the data and don’t have any sort of privacy policy. This means that they can tell anyone that they want about your personal views on issues.

The problem – the CD sends your answers back to headquarters, filed by name, address, and political views. No mention of that in the terms of use. No privacy policy at all. The story concludes: “So if you run the CD in your personal computer, by the end of it, the Minnesota GOP will not only know what you think on particular issues, but also who you are.”

Without a privacy policy, the state party can tell your views to anyone at all. If you give the “wrong” answers on abortion or other issues, they can tell your boss, members of your church, or anyone else. In fact, these answers could get distributed to campaigns in your town during get-out-the-vote efforts – precisely the place where “wrong” answers can be most damaging.

The Minnesota GOP’s Stealth Attack On Privacy


Written by Jeff

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 4:36 pm

Posted in Politics

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