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A culture of corruption?

Claude Allen, President Bush’s former domestic policy advisor who resigned last month to “spend time with his family” (a lie told by the White House), has been arrested in connection with a series of events whereby he basically defrauded a string of Target stores.

What he would do is buy something, put it in his car, then go back into the store, pick up the exact same item and return it. He got about $5,000 from them before they got wise and called the police.

“The man was then seen selecting merchandise throughout the store and placing items in the Target bag. He put additional items in his cart. The man then went to guest services where he produced a receipt and received a refund for the items he had just selected from the store shelves. After receiving the refund, he left the store without paying for the additional merchandise in the shopping cart,” the police statement said.

Allen made over $160,000 a year at the White House. Why does someone who makes so much need to resort to petty thievery? Maybe Nancy Pelosi’s right. Maybe they really are just crooks.

Ex-White House aide arrested in alleged refund scam |


Written by Jeff

Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 11:33 am

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