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Bush’s ’emphasis on abstinence’ hampers AIDS fight

US AIDS plan hampers prevention in nations -report

The U.S. government’s emphasis on abstinence in a program to fight AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean is hampering prevention efforts in the countries it aims to help, congressional investigators said on Tuesday.

The GAO reports that the Bush Administration’s insistence that spending be tied to an abstinence-first policy hampers governments’ abilities to combat the spread and treatment of AIDS.

Dr. Paul Zeitz, director of the Washington-based Global AIDS Alliance said the large earmark requirement for abstinence-only forces people on the ground to underfund critical programs.

“The Bush policy on AIDS prevention is unworkable the way it’s currently being implemented. The policy is essentially doing more harm than good,” Zeitz said in a telephone interview.


Written by Jeff

Tuesday, April 4, 2006 at 9:14 pm

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