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Big, meat-eating dinosaurs

In 2000, scientists in Argentina found the fossils of several large, carnivorous dinosaurs. ABC News is running an AP story about a new article about it in the scientific journal Geodiversitas.

big dinosaur head

The discovery of Mapusaurus included bones from at least seven to nine of the beasts, suggesting the previously unknown animal may have lived and hunted in groups. That hunting strategy might have allowed it to attack even bigger beasts, huge plant-eating dinosaurs.

ABC News: Details Revealed About Huge Dinosaurs

Also: – Huge meat-eating dinosaurs roamed in groups in Argentina, scientists say


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Monday, April 17, 2006 at 6:04 pm

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  1. do you have any life like pictures.!!!


    Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 7:13 pm

  2. No, I don’t.


    Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 7:19 pm

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