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$200 for a pint of paint

Apple unveiled their new MacBooks today. They sound nice. I wouldn’t mind having one, though I’m not sure about that glossy screen.

Anyway, some things disappointed me about them. The first disappointing thing is that the hard drive space starts out at a paltry 60GB and only jumps to 80GB on the upper end of the MacBook scale. This is, though, consistent with the MacBook Pro family having 80GB at the lowest end of their hard drive capacities.

Next on the disappointment list is the Combo Drive. In the base MacBook, all you get is a Combo Drive. There’s not even an option to upgrade.

The last (so far) thing that bothered me is that they charge you $150 for a paint job. I guess that’s kind of a steal considering the fact that Colorware charges you $400 to do it, shipping extra. Still though, did they charge extra for the black versions of the iPods and iPod nanos? No.

I’m guessing that it costs $150 for the paint job because in addition to that, you get an extra 20GBs on your hard drive. On the white model, the 80GB hard drive’s a $50 BTO option.

Of course, even with these criticisms, it’s not like I haven’t already had to stop myself from rushing to the nearest Apple Store and snatching one up. That’s my greatest temptation today. Well, that and the cookie that I saw earlier. That’s some stiff competition…


Written by Jeff

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 11:38 am

Posted in Apple

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