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Gonna get me a captain’s chair!

Christie’s is going to hold a Star Trek über-auction to commemorate the series’ 40th anniversary. Paramount’s emptied out its closets and the phasers, nose ridges and maybe even Odo’s bucket are up for sale.

One thing that sort of stuck out at me was this:

Okuda said many of the first “Star Trek” props were reused, destroyed or disappeared. But the auction will feature a mustard-colored mini-dress from the first series as well as costumes worn by guest stars, such as a gown worn by famed attorney Melvin Belli who played an evil alien entity.

You know, the skirt uniform worn by female crew members? There was even a variant of the skirt uniform that survived to be seen in the first few episodes of TNG, though this time it wasn’t just worn by the women.

Gotta get the limit on my credit card raised…

Christie’s to hold ‘Star Trek’ garage sale | Reuters


Written by Jeff

Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 2:26 am

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