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"Encryption can keep data safe on laptops"—Duh.

Many stolen laptops have made the news recently, one of which included information on thousands of veterans. That prompted the Department of Veteran Affairs to send out thousands of letters to those affected warning them to watch their credit for suspicious activity (my dad got one a few weeks ago).

An ABC News article suggests that if the laptops had used encryption technology, the problem may not be as bad as it is.

That just made me think of OS X’s FileVault. FileVault is an encryption technology that is built in OS X. It encrypts the contents of a user’s Home directory with “the latest government security standard, AES-128 encryption”.

Real security comes from knowing nobody can rifle through your files without your permission. FileVault uses the latest government security standard to safeguard your hard work. It protects all the info in your home folder from prying eyes, so your trade secrets stay secret, your holiday shopping lists are kept safe and your personal finance records remain protected.

Mac = More secure.


Written by Jeff

Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 10:48 pm

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