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victory thumbnail I received an email last night (a newsletter type thing) from HRC claiming “MAJOR victories” in yesterday’s midterm elections.

I immediately thought, “Are the seven states that banned equal marriage a victory?” Maybe I’m too cynical.

Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee (overwhelmingly, 80% to 20%), Virginia, and Wisconsin all enacted constitutional amendments forbidding equal marriage. Colorado took it a step further by not only making equal marriage illegal, but also disallowing separate-but-(un)equal domestic partnerships.

I think it’s great that the Democrats took the House and most state legislatures and governorships up for grabs. And it’s even better that the Senate is within reach, but will this really benefit the GLBT community? Most of the pundits on CNN last night described many of the Democrat winners as “social conservatives” or “moderates” which I guess is code for “Republican registered as a Democrat”. I dunno.

There’s plenty of reason to be happy with the outcome of yesterday’s election and I found myself giddy more than once, but I can’t help but notice that nowhere in their announcement for a “stunning victory” and “a stinging rebuke for anti-GLBT politics” they nowhere mention the 7 new anti-equality amendments.

They do mention, though, the rejection of an anti-equality amendment in Arizona. I guess that’s a good thing. Go AZ!


Written by Jeff

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 at 9:14 am

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