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“BOO!” on Apple thumbnailThe big news going around the Mac web right now is the teaser that Apple‘s thrown up on its website telling viewers that “The first 30 years were just the beginning.” Strange as it seems, any little hint from Apple sends every Mac nerd into a tizzy, myself included.

What I found truly interesting, though, was the highlighted bit at the bottom about redeeming gift cards. It reads, “Redeem iTunes Gift Cards (iTunes 7 required)”. I’m a big fan of iTunes–as long as it’s on the Mac. The Windows version is a utter P.O.S. I don’t like the idea of forcing Windows users to upgrade to the bug-ridden, resource-hogging iTunes 7.x if they want to redeem their iTunes Gift Cards.

When iTunes 7 came out, I immediately upgraded my Windows box so I could have all the niftiness, ugly UI aside. Shortly after, though, I found myself despising it. I couldn’t even browse the Web while iTunes was playing without causing stutters in the playback and freezes in Firefox. I downgraded back to iTunes 6.0.5, thanks to a nice tutorial.

When the 7.0.2 upgrade came out a few months ago, I again jumped on it hoping that it would solve the issues affecting my machine. It didn’t. I thought that the problem had gone away, but it hadn’t. It returned shortly and was just as infuriating as ever.

“Boo!” on you, Apple, for forcing people to use the crappy version of iTunes if they want to redeem their gift cards.


Written by Jeff

Monday, January 1, 2007 at 9:22 pm

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