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Updated: Apple/iTunes should give credit for partially purchased albums


MacNN reports that Apple is going to begin to credit users for the singles they’ve purchased if they buy the whole album within a certain amount of time:

Apple, in conjunction with several music labels, is planning to offer iTunes users credit for songs already purchased when they choose to buy an associated album within a certain time frame, according to the New York Times.

MacNN | Apple may credit iTunes album purchases

Original post:
Another post about the iTunes Store.

I’ve previously bought four tracks from an album. The album costs $9.99. I’ve paid $3.96 already, but if I want to go and buy the whole album (instead of buying each track individually), I’ll be charged a full $9.99 and then have duplicate tracks. To avoid the duplicate tracks I’ll have to buy each track separately for a total of $8.91. When you total what I will have paid, I’ll have paid $12.87 for a $9.99 album.

iTunes knows what you’ve purchased already (it warned me when I clicked “add album” that I had already purchased portions of the album), and it should just go ahead and subtract those tracks from the total price of the album and prevent you from re-downloading them. How hard could that be?

Perhaps it’s my own fault for not buying the whole album in the first place, but I didn’t want the whole album then. I do now and I’ll probably wind up paying the extra money for the whole thing, I just don’t think I should have to.

For anyone who cares, the album I’ve partially purchased is The Grascals.


Written by Jeff

Monday, March 26, 2007 at 5:45 pm

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  1. If you “accidentally” purchase a song or video twice, iTunes says the following:

    iTunes includes many features to protect you from purchasing the exact same song or video twice. iTunes does not check your Library for ripped media or media purchased using another account. If you accidentally purchased a duplicate song or video, simply follow the steps below to send a refund request for the item to one of our support agents.

    Locate the song or video in your Purchase History
    Click on the “Report a Problem” link
    Select “I already own this item” from the drop down menu
    Enter notes explaining the situation in the Comments section

    Peter Ellis

    Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 9:58 am

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