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The Net is stupid.

I’m watching The Net on TBS because it’s what I stopped on and this is what I’m wondering: What kind of idiot doesn’t know when his gun is missing its clip? About 50 minutes (TV-time) in the bad guy tries to kill Sandra Bullock but she finds his gun while he’s below deck not killing her when he has the chance and removes the clip. She confronts him with the gun and he tells her that it’s for shark fishing or something and she totally doesn’t believe him but he takes the gun and a few minutes later tries to shoot her. What he didn’t notice, though was that the clip was missing from the gun.

1. Without the clip, the gun wouldn’t be as heavy as it had been before he schtupped Sandra while he was supposed to be killing her.
2. There’s a damned hole in the bottom of the grip when the clip isn’t in.

This guy’s not only a third-rate assassin, he’s a complete idiot of a man.


Written by Jeff

Sunday, April 8, 2007 at 4:29 am

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