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34 Gigabytes

That’s about how much data that I may have lost today. Sometime between when I stepped out to head to the Revenue Office to renew my car tags and when I tried to restart my computer, the external hard drive that I keep most of my data on decided to stop responding. I’m hoping for the best and that it’s just a faulty enclosure but I’m worried that it’s the hard drive itself that’s gone bad.

This hard drive holds my 20GB music collection, an encrypted file containing passwords to over 20 web sites that I probably don’t remember, and countless other irreplaceable files including agendas, minutes, and newsletter templates for an organization of which I am a member.

If the problem isn’t limited to a $40 hard drive enclosure, then I’m screwed—and not in that good way.

Update:  The problem was, thankfully, confined to the hard drive enclosure.  I replaced it and the drive is working fine.


Written by Jeff

Monday, April 30, 2007 at 5:34 pm

Posted in Technology Is Evil

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