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Bye, hello Ma.gnolia

I’ve decided to dump and switch to Ma.gnolia. The main reason is that every time I visit, the browser hangs. Firefox shows a javascript error and asks me if I want to continue running the script and Safari beachballs on me for about 30 seconds. The best that support could come up with was that it was either a third—party browser extension (affecting two different browsers on two different platforms-OS X and XP) or spyware. Spyware. On my Mac. Right.

Ma.gnolia certainly looks niftier than and it even let me import my bookmarks from  It doesn’t seem to have the daily blog posting feature that has but I was tiring of that anyway.

So bye-bye to  I’ll give Ma.gnolia a try.


Written by Jeff

Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 11:24 pm

Posted in Internet, Technology

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