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Custom files for alert sounds in OS X

On last week’s MacBreak Weekly, Merlin Mann mentioned that you can pull audio files from Adium soundsets and use them as your system alert sounds. He said that you can just drop them into ~/Library/Sounds and they’ll work. Well, that’s partly right.

In order for the audio files to appear in the Sound Preference Pane, they have to be in AIFF format. You must use QuickTime Pro or another sound editing app (even iTunes will work) and convert the file to AIFF format. The sound I used was .M4A and I used QT Pro’s Export menu item to save it as an AIFF file. I was then able to select it as my new alert sound whereas before it hadn’t shown up in the list at all.

I had assumed before that you could set custom alert sounds but I didn’t know it was this easy. I should have, though. After all, it is OS X.


Written by Jeff

Monday, May 14, 2007 at 2:36 am

Posted in Apple, iTunes, Software

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