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So what if 78% of the witnesses recanted?

The wife of a police officer killed in 1989 had this to say about a stay of execution granted to her husband’s alleged killer:

The slain officer’s widow, Joan MacPhail, decried the ruling. “I believe they are setting a precedent for all criminals that it is perfectly fine to kill a cop and get away with it,” she said. “By making us wait, it’s another sock in the stomach. It’s tearing us up.”

I guess it doesn’t matter to her that “seven of nine main witnesses” who testified against Troy Davis in 1991 have now changed their story and claimed that the police pressured them to implicate Davis.

At the [George State Board of Pardons and Paroles] hearing, five witnesses gave significantly different evidence than they did in the 1991 trial that convicted Davis. In affidavits signed after the sentencing, multiple witnesses said police pressure forced them to wrongly implicate Davis.

I’ve no knowledge of the case and I don’t know if Mr. Davis is guilty or not, but isn’t it important to wait and see? Dead now or dead in 90 days, he’s still dead.

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