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Newshutch Revisited

I wrote recently about Newshutch, an online RSS feed reader. I liked it, but wouldn’t use it because it wouldn’t import my OPML file. Well, I got the file to import last night and have been using it since.

The folder structure of my OPML file was maintained but the feeds that were “loose”, that is not in a folder, were just scattered throughout the other folders willy-nilly. I had to make a special folder for them and move them. That’s not really a big deal but it’s a little bothersome.

Now the only drawback I can find is that I can’t view an entire folder’s new items in one go. I have to move between each individual feed. I can live with that.

Newshutch is good stuff.

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Written by Jeff

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 11:37 am

Posted in Internet, Software

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