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The Talk Show with John Gruber and Dan Benjamin

I like Dan Benjamin and John Gruber’s podcast The Talk Show. On the most recent episode (Episode 7) they read some reviews on iTunes of their podcast. The first review had a few negative things to say about it:

That being said, the podcast is undwerwhelming due to it’s subpar production values and planning. It doesn’t follow a coherent structure like some of the more established podcasts and radio shows do. There is a lot of dead air, “uhms” and “uhs,” off-topic remarks that stretch for a long time, and other minor, annoying things which could be hopefully fixed in future episodes.

I like everything he dislikes about the podcasts. I like the unscripted nature. I, being a fan of almost everything off-topic, love the off-topic moments. I like that, like another reviewer said, “Gruber and Benjamin’s casual style emulates regular conversation.”

The Talk Show with John Gruber and Dan Benjamin


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 at 6:13 pm

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