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So what if 78% of the witnesses recanted?

The wife of a police officer killed in 1989 had this to say about a stay of execution granted to her husband’s alleged killer:

The slain officer’s widow, Joan MacPhail, decried the ruling. “I believe they are setting a precedent for all criminals that it is perfectly fine to kill a cop and get away with it,” she said. “By making us wait, it’s another sock in the stomach. It’s tearing us up.”

I guess it doesn’t matter to her that “seven of nine main witnesses” who testified against Troy Davis in 1991 have now changed their story and claimed that the police pressured them to implicate Davis.

At the [George State Board of Pardons and Paroles] hearing, five witnesses gave significantly different evidence than they did in the 1991 trial that convicted Davis. In affidavits signed after the sentencing, multiple witnesses said police pressure forced them to wrongly implicate Davis.

I’ve no knowledge of the case and I don’t know if Mr. Davis is guilty or not, but isn’t it important to wait and see? Dead now or dead in 90 days, he’s still dead.

Stay of Execution for Georgia Man |


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Monday, July 16, 2007 at 11:31 pm

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Two sets of laws

One for the rich, one for everyone else. TMZ reports that, after having her sentence reduced from 45 to 23 days, Paris Hilton will has been released after serving only three days of her sentence.

Paris Hilton — Free Woman –

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Thursday, June 7, 2007 at 9:07 am

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"Did y'all just leave the faggot bar?"—Hate Crime in Mobile, Alabama

Last Saturday there was a hate crime in Mobile, Alabama. Or, rather, there would have been if Alabama recognized crimes borne of hatred against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgendered persons as hate crimes.

From a friend:

Last night (5/26/07) myself and 3 friends witnessed what can only be called a crime of hate against 2 of our other friends who had thankfully already made it into their vehicle. Their car was facing Conti Street in the parking lot at Conti and Joachim and as they were walking to their vehicle, they were approached by a man who asked, “did y’all just leave the faggot bar?” My friends didn’t react, but rather, got to their vehicle as quickly as possible. They got into the car and locked the doors as the man began kicking the car in the back and in the passenger side while screaming other obscenities and slurs. He was trying to break the glass in the windows. He ended up putting large dents in the back and on the passenger door before they were able to reverse from the parking spot and drive away.

Our friend was renting this vehicle so we didn’t recognize it but watched as the crime occurred. We hurried to our own car, not knowing what was going on, and pulled out of the parking lot when we got the call from our friends who informed us that they were the ones in the car being attacked by the man. We followed them to their home and made the decision to call the police.

The police officer from the 3rd precinct arrived and gathered the information he needed. We were all surprised when he began asking us why we left the parking lot and telling us that if it had been him getting his car kicked in, he’d “have gotten out and kicked some a–.” He said that the city wouldn’t spend time trying to find the man nor did he offer hope for future protection in the commonly used pay-to-park lot. Not only are we certain that our friends and we had done the right thing by leaving the lot, but we are certain that the damages could have been much worse had we stayed. We asked him to call to see about checking the cameras in the lot and when he did, he found out that the cameras in that lot haven’t worked in some time. The lot attendant had gone, and there is no type of security in the lot. I believe that if we pay the city or the owner of the parking lot to park in that or any parking lot, we should be assured that the city or owner of the parking lot will protect us accordingly.

I felt it necessary to send this email to my friends and others and I recommend that you spread the word about this to anyone you know who spends time downtown in Mobile. It could have been anyone and there is a need for awareness. This isn’t the first time something like this or something worse has happened in or near that same parking lot for similar reasons. Again, it could have been anyone; a female walking alone, a couple, or even a group. Our friends and we were lucky despite the damage to their rental car but it could have been much worse. I’ve been on Dauphin Street and seen many police officers in plain sight at any given time and I don’t understand why there aren’t more in other parts of downtown. If city regulations allow that an establishment may stay open, or private establishments are allowed to be open, it is my opinion that the city or those private establishments should also be aware of these issues and do something about it to protect their patrons or make us feel safer once we walk out their doors.

Alabama will give special protection to a house of worship, public monument, or even a US or Alabama flag, but not a human being who happens to be gay. In fact, on May 11 they voted not to add crimes against people based on sexual orientation to Alabama’s hate crimes law.

HRC | Alabama Hate Crimes Law

Partners Against Hate | List of Hate Crime Laws

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 3:53 pm

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What are they teaching kids at Liberty University?

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Bomb Plot Thwarted at Falwell’s Funeral

Virginia authorities arrested a Liberty University student in what officials said was a bomb plot intended to disrupt protesters at the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s funeral service.

“Protesters are bad, bomb them”?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 at 4:44 pm

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Violent lesbian gangs on the prowl

Earlier tonight I watched a bit of a news report from Memphis about a lesbian gang called “Gays Taking Over” or “GTO”s. The GTO modus operandi is to find a girl, attack her and rape her.

Two older GTO’s interviewed for the piece said that originally the group wasn’t a gang and wasn’t violent. It was more a support group that only later turned violent because of the new, younger members.

Either way, it can’t do much for tolerance and acceptance of lesbians and gay men in the area when the local news gets to run teasers proclaiming that “violent homosexual gangs so tough the other gangs don’t mess with them” (paraphrased).

Girl Gang Getting Violent (video) | Eyewitness News 24/30

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 11:46 pm

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When is rape not rape?

Time ran a story today about Michael Devlin, the Missouri man who was arrested last month for kidnapping a 13-year-old year old and who kidnapped another child in 2002.

(CLAYTON, Mo.) — A Missouri man accused of kidnapping two boys and holding one for more than four years was charged Monday with forcible sodomy.

This made me ask myself, since when is “forcible sodomy” not rape? My computer tells me that sodomy is “sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation”. Okay, so sodomy is sex. If someone forces sex upon me, is that not rape?

Why has Mr. Devlin not been charged with rape of a minor?

Kidnap Suspect Charged With Sodomy | TIME

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Monday, February 5, 2007 at 6:52 pm

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