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Eureka! I’ve got it!

I have finally figured out why I’m such a bad driver: It’s genetic! :p

Both of my grandmothers are horrid drivers, especially my paternal grandmother.

Both of my grandmothers drive too fast so that must be where I get it from.

One of them had a teeny-tiny accident today. She was driving down a gravel road (too fast) and hit some loose gravel. She found herself in a ditch. She’s fine, but her car’s not. She needs a new front bumper, passenger-side headlight assembly front passenger-side fender, passenger front and rear doors.

The rear door might be fixed with some heavy buffing and paint but the others are trashed.

The car’s still drivable albeit a bit ugly and she’s fine so no real worries.

The insurance man is going to love this, though. He sees way too much of her. I’m laying odds that he’ll crack as soon as she walks through the door.

Oh well, more later, maybe.

Genetically Bad Driver


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Friday, April 22, 2005 at 8:58 pm

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I’m tired. :(

I helped a friend plant some, umm… plants in her front yard today. I don’t remember the names of anything that we planted, except for the tulips.

We planted lots of small things along a walkway leading to her front door from the curb. My knees are mad at me. :-/

After that we planted more things that I don’t know the name of in a bed around a lamp in her front yard. More knee pain. Then we fixed her mailbox, it was sitting crooked because the house’s last owner was a moron. 8) After that ordeal we planted tulips around the mailbox post in a bed that we made out of heavy landscaping bricks.

We were working in her yard for five hours. We felt like hell! We went to Quizno’s for a bite to eat (The Mesquite Chicken with bacon is great. ) and that made us a bit better.

Good enough to write this out, anyway.

Oh yeah…
I got a sunburn. :(

Written by Jeff

Sunday, April 17, 2005 at 7:42 pm

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